Chapter 166: Playing Pranks

Skyview and Starfire left Stardust room after their breakfast and hurried downstairs. When the reached the bottom step, they saw Stardust walking from the throne room. Skyview and Starfire went to meek him in the hall.
"Stardust, what did the King want?" Skyview asked.
"King Sea Mist got the letters he sent awhile back. A few of the kingdoms won't help us because their afraid Star Cluster might find out. There are three Kingdoms that will help us though, they're on their way here so King Sea Mist has ordered the servants to clean the castle and decorate it for their guests. I'm going outside to talk to the soldiers," Stardust explained. He turned and left, heading outside.
Skyview turned towards Starfire, "I'm going to the library and finish reading."
"I guess I'll go find Luna then."
"She would be thrilled to play with you now they she's allowed out of bed," Skyview replied. He turned around and headed towards the library while Starfire went upstairs to look for Luna.

Skyview walked down the hall till he found the door to the library. When he went to open the door it suddenly shut on him and surprising him. He opened the door again only to have it shut on him. Skyview lean on the door and pushed to open it.
"Who ever is on the other side better let me in!" Skyview exclaimed as he push hard on the door. Suddenly the door swung open causing Skyview to fall down on the floor. He looked up from the floor but saw no one. He stood up and looked around but there was no one there.
"How strange," Skyview muttered.

Starfire walked around the halls calling for Luna but there was no answer. He walked to the end of the hall and looked outside, he could see Stardust was talking to the soldiers.
Just then Starfire heard a door creaking. He turned around and saw a door slowly opening.
"Luna?" Starfire called.
He walked to the door and walked in the room. He looked around and saw no one only a faint giggle. He turned around, "Luna?" but there was no one there. As he walked to the door and glanced at a mirror on the wall. Something in the mirror caught his eye. He went back to the mirror and saw a bright pink bow on the top of his head. Starfire gasped and quickly took it off.
"How did that get on my head?" Starfire wondered.
He looked in the mirror again to be sure there wasn't any more bows on his head. He even checked his tail. When Starfire was done he left and went to the stairs walking to the third floor. He searched the halls, hearing doors creaking open. Starfire looked in the rooms but saw no one.
he continued down the hall calling for Luna. He stopped and rested for a bit as he thought about where she could be. He stood for a few minutes thinking and then he remembered, luna often liked to go to the Queen's garden. When he want to turn and let, something of tugging at his tail. He looked behind him and saw his tail in the door. Starfire opened the door and looked in. The room was empty, except for a bed, a table and a few night stands.
"This is strange."

Skyview was laying on the couch and just finished reading his book. He set it on the table next to him and went to grab the next book when suddenly, the book moved out of his reach. Skyview sat up and tried to grab the book but each time it moved. Eventually the book stopped and Skyview was able to grab it.
He took the book and laid back on the couch wondering what caused the book to move. He opened the book and was about to read it when Starfire walked in.
Skyview sighed, "This had better be important."
"I can't find Luna. I walked all over the castle calling for her. The strangest things keeps happening to me. I found a bow on my head and I have no idea how it got there. I even had my tail caught in the door. All the doors on the third floor keeps opening."
The doors caught Skyview's interest, "The doors keeps opening? That reminds me when I got here. The door shut on me a few times and then it wouldn't open, when it did I fell through. Just a minute ago I finished my book and was about to get the other book when it moved away from me."
"Oh, I forgot...I keep hearing someone giggle," Starfire added.
"Giggle?" Skyview asked, "You can't find Luna, things keeps happening to us and you hear someone giggling...I wouldn't be surprised if Luna is some how doing this to us."
"Teasing us?" Starfire asked.
"Yeah and I wonder where she got it from?" Skyview glared at him.
Starfire smiled.
Skyview set his book down on the table, "Lets find Luna. It's time for some pay backs."
Starfire and Skyview smiled at each other.
They left the Library and searched all over the castle but couldn't find her. They knew she was around because she was still playing tricks on them. Starfire and Skyview went to the first floor and rested, they were stumped as where they should look next.
"Now what?" Starfire asked.
"Let's split up. one of us is bound to catch her."
As they started in different directions, they found that they couldn't move. Something had caught their tails. They turned and saw that their tails were in a knot.
Just then they heard laughing, it was louder they it was before. They looked down the hall and saw Luna laughing hard as she stood around the corner.
"Luna!" They two cried.
Luna continued to laugh till Skyview was able to untie his tail. When her turned to face Luna she was gone.
"We have to get even," Skyview exclaimed.
"Get even with who?" a voice asked.
They turned around and saw Stardust standing there.
"Luna," they answered.
"She's been teasing us all day," Starfire complained.
"She kept me from opening a door and when she finally opened it, I fell. then she kept a book out of my reach," Skyview explained.
"She's been opening doors on the third floor trying to scare me. I got my tails caught in the door and I even found a bow on my head. I have no idea how it got there," Starfire explained.
To their surprise, Stardust just laughed, "I guess she's feeling better then. As for the bow, this is my guess but she probably winked it there. Much like how Skyview winks me to places."
"She can do that too?" Skyview asked.
"Yes, in fact I never really thought of it before," Stardust replied.
"Well, have you seen her?" Starfire asked.
"No but I sense her outside," Stardust replied.
Skyview and Starfire left Stardust and hurried down the hall.

Luna winked outside to the wall and found Buster and Charades talking.
"Hi, Luna," Buster commented.
"We heard you were very sick. Are you ok now?" Charades asked.
Luna was still giggling about what she did to her uncles, "I'm fine."
"What's so funny?" Charades asked.
Just then Skyview appeared behind her and listened.
"It was funny, you should have seen Skyview and Starfire," Luna replied as she laughed.
"So you think that was funny?" a familiar voice asked.
Luna gasped and turned her head to find Skyview standing behind her with a smirk on his face.
He suddenly grabbed her, "Now it's time for pay backs." He began to tickle her on the stomach. Luna couldn't help but laugh. Just then Starfire flew to the wall and landed next to Luna.
"You finally got her," He exclaimed with a smiled. He sat on the ground and began to tickle her.
"You...two were...funny," Luna laughed. "A bow...on"
"That wasn't funny," Starfire replied smiling at her.
"It...was," Luna continued to laugh.
Skyview and Starfire enjoyed tickling her till Luna's horn began to glow.
"She's trying to wink out. Keep tickling her," Skyview exclaimed.
Luna couldn't stop laughing. she was on her back kicking her back feet in the air. She couldn't concentrate hard enough to wink. As the two tickled her, Luna finally winked out after a few tries. Skyview and Starfire looked around and saw her laying on the grass trying to catch her breath.
"I'll spend all day tickling her if I have to," Skyview smirked. He winked out and appeared next to Luna. Starfire flew from the wall to the ground and helped Skyview tickle her.
They spent all day playing and chasing Luna, trying to tickle her.