Chapter 165: Finding the cure

Starfire flew as fast as he could streaking across the pink and purple sky. All he could think about was Luna, suddenly felt a painful headache. He couldn't stop nor could he slow down, he continued to fly baring the painful headache. When the headache was gone an image flashed before him, it was an image of Luna as a baby. When he and Skyview were playing with her. Then the image was gone.
Starfire was surprised and happy, a piece of his memory had returned.

Skyview sat in the resting room listening to the King, Queen and Redshoe talking about the Luna. Skyview wasn't paying attention, he was more worried about Luna. As he sat and did nothing but think about Luna. Then he began to feel a headache coming. He put his hoof on his forehead and waited till the headache stopped. Suddenly, images flashed before his eyes.
"Skyview?" King Sea Mist asked.
When the headache was gone, Skyview stood up, "I'm going to see Stardust."
"Skyview, did...your memories return?" Queen Snowfall asked.
"Just a piece of it," Skyview smiled, "I babysat Luna for a few hours while she slept." Skyview turned and left the room. He wanted to be with Luna and see how se was doing. He walked down the hall and into Luna's room. He walked up to her bed and saw Stardust hadn't moved since they left him. He was sound asleep on Luna's pillow as she slept. Skyview reached across the bed and touch her head. She felt hot and her breathing was becoming more shallow, her fur was damp from sweating as she shook under the covers.
"She's getting worse. Starfire had better hurry," Skyview whispered as he saw the sun touching the horizon.

Starfire flew far from Mooney mountain and was close to Flutter Valley. He hoped the Flutter ponies wouldn't scatter and hide from him. The sun was setting by the time he reached Flutter Valley. The Flutter Ponies hid in the trees when they saw Starfire landing.
"Please, I need to talk!" Starfire yelled but the flutter ponies wouldn't talk or show themselves.
"Princess Luna, daughter of Queen Royal Heart is very sick!" Starfire yelled.
"Sick?" a female voice asked.
"Yes, she's very sick and won't last past tomorrow if I don't find the Star Flower."
Queen Calla Lilly and King Arrow Heart appeared from the trees with an army of male flutter ponies. Starfire stared at the male flutter ponies, it was rare to see one since they spent most of their time traveling.
"A Star Flower?" King Arrow Heart asked.
"Why do you care for the Princess?" Queen Calla Lilly asked.
"Because she's my niece and Stardust's daughter."
The Flutter ponies looked at him shockingly.
"That is a lie!" King arrow heart cried.
"It's no lie....please do you know where I can find a Star Flower?" Starfire asked.
The King could see in his eyes he was serious about wanting a Star Flower.
"I've seen it on my travels but that was a while back, I'm not sure where it was," King Arrow Heart asked.
Starfire was deeply sadden but he still had till sunset tomorrow to find a star flower. Just then an orange male flutter pony approached King Arrow Heart, "Your Majesty. I remember where it was."
"Where?" King Arrow Heart asked.
"It was near a stream not to far from here."
"Go get one and hurry," King Arrow Heart ordered him.
The flutter pony left and flew into the forest. Sun had almost disappeared over the horizon by the time he came back. Between his hoofs were two flowers. They were yellow and white in a star shape.
"There wasn't very many left," The pony remarked.
Starfire took the Flowers from him, "Thank you. Now I must hurry back to Moonlight castle."
"We will go with you," King Arrow Heart proposed.
"That's fines," Starfire flapped his wings and flew to the sky with the flutter ponies behind him. He flew like a blur streaking across the sky and leaving the Flutter ponies behind him.

The sun was gone and the stars shined brightly. The Sky was dark by the time Starfire reached Moonlight castle. He landed on Luna's balcony and saw his two brothers asleep by the bed with their heads on the bed.
Starfire shook them awake, "I got it."
Stardust looked up and saw two flowers that looked like stars. He smiled greatly, he felt hopeful again.
"Skyview, get Redshoe," Stardust ordered him.
Skyview stood up and left the room.
"How is she?" Starfire asked.
"Not good. She's burning up and her breathing is very shallow," Stardust replied worriedly.
Just then Redshoe rushed in and stared at the Star Flowers.
"You got them...I honestly didn't think you would find any," Redshoe took the flowers and turned towards Skyview, "Would you take me to the kitchen?"
"Sure," Skyview's horn began to glow, as soon as he touched him, they were gone.

Stardust continued to stroke Luna's head as he watched her sleeping. Luna opened her eyes, she was to weak to smile or move. She felt very hot under the covers and became rather fussy about it. Tears began to trickled down her cheek.
"Luna, don't cry. Your going to be alright," Stardust whispered to her as he whipped her tears away with his hoof.
Just then King Arrow Heart and Queen Calla Lilly walked in the room with King Sea Mist and Queen Snowfall.
"So it really is true, Princess Luna is sick,"King Arrow Heart muttered.
"King Sea Mist was telling us you're the true King of Ponyland and that Princess Luna is your daughter," Queen Calla Lilly added.
"Yes, it's all true," Stardust replied.
Luna wanted to look and see who her father was talking to but she didn't have the strength to move.
Skyview and Redshoe winked to Stardust side. Redshoe held a bowl of soup for Luna.
"Get Princess Luna to drink this. She must drink all of it. After that she should rest for a few days," Redshoe put the bowl on the night stand.
"Alright but I would like to be alone with her," Stardust told them.
"Of course," King Sea Mist replied.
Everyone left the room leaving Stardust and Luna alone.

Stardust took the covers off of Luna, he picked her up and then sat on the bed with her across his lags. Then he took the spoon and began feeding Luna since she was too weak to do it herself. He continued to feed her till the bowl was empty.
"Feeling any better?" Stardust asked.
"No," Luna whispered weakly.
He laid her on the bed and covered her with the blanket.

It was morning and Stardust was sound asleep on the floor with his head resting on his pillow. His two brothers also slept on the floor, they had taken Stardust Blanket and tried to share it.
Sunlight bounced into her room waking up Stardust. He yawned and stretched, then he sat up and saw Luna was still sleeping. He touched her forehead and around her face. She was not longer hot nor was she breathing shallow. Luna felt something on her head, she woke up and yawned. Stardust smiled when he saw her yawning.
"How are you feeling?" Stardust asked.
"Fine," Luna answered with a smile.
His two brother woke up and saw Stardust picking up Luna and hugging her.
"Skyview, Starfire, she's going to be fine," Stardust exclaimed happily.
His two brother stood up and walked up to him. they gathered around Luna and thee two were hugging her. King Sea Mist and Queen Snowfall with the two royal Flutter ponies behind them, walked in to see the three black ponies hugging Luna.
Luna giggled from all the hugging she was getting.
"She's alright?" Queen Snowfall asked.
The black ponies turned and saw them anxiously to see Luna.
Luna smiled at them, "I'm fine."
They smiled greatly.
"Oh, that is simply wonderful," Queen Calla Lilly replied.
"We heard you were sick so we had to come and see you," King Arrow Heart commented.
"Why did Star Cluster do this?" Starfire asked. "I thought he wanted her."
"Star Cluster?" The two Flutter ponies asked.
"He sent Luna some poison cookies which almost killed her," Stardust explained.
"Star Cluster spent many years searching for Princess Luna and sent you three to catcher, now he wants to kill her?" King Sea Mist asked, "That does not sound right."
"Well,'s not Star Cluster," Stardust wondered out loud.
"You said that box came from Star Cluster," Starfire pointed out.
"Yes, it is from Star Cluster that is for curtain but maybe it...wasn't his idea."
"That voice," Skyview quickly said.
"What voice?" King Arrow Heart asked.
"Star Cluster has someone helping him rule Ponyland. He gives suggestions and often helps him with his troubles," Skyview explained.
"I wouldn't be surprised if it was him that suggested in killing Luna," Stardust guessed.
While they talked, Luna slowly fell asleep.
"I think someone is tired," Queen Snowfall noticed.
Stardust smiled at Luna, she was sleeping peacefully and looked happy to be in his arms. she had her head leaning on her black coat while her front feet partly covered her face.
"King Sea Mist, I want her moved to another room closer to mine," Stardust continued. "It seems that who ever Star Cluster sends has managed to sneak into her room."
"I know just the room for her. I'll take you there," King Sea Mist left the room with Stardust and his brothers behind him. They walked through the hall to a room close to the stairs and Stardust room. Stardust walked in and set her on the bed. He put the covers over her and smiled at her. The room was dark and he bed was like the on in her room. There was no windows or a balcony in the room.
Stardust rubbed his head on Luna, "Sleep well...My little Luna."
He stood on his four feet and left the room, leaving Luna in the dark room, sleeping.

Star Cluster was resting on him bed when a raven landed on the balcony. Star Cluster got off the bed and went to the balcony.
"Well?" Star Cluster asked.
"She's all better," the Raven answered.
"What?!" The voice exclaimed. "How is that possible?"
"The Flutter ponies helped them."
"Those stupid flutter ponies. I forgot about them," The voice replied.
Star Cluster smiled, "Your plan to kill her, failed which I'm not too surprised."
"Shut up!" The voice cried.
"I have a few other ideas to catch her," Star Cluster remarked. "If I know my big brother...Stardust will be watching her more closely. Most like move her room to another part of the castle."
The raven turned into a beam of light and disappeared into the key around Star Cluster's neck.