Name: Star Cluster

Family: 3 brothers

Breed: Earth Pony

Information: He's serious and always seems to be mad. He hardly ever smiles.
He took Ponyland and claimed to be King over Ponyland. He carries a key which turns into a staff and tends to be upset about something.

Highlight below to read his secret.
(Series1) Star Cluster has 3 brothers, Stardust, Skyview and Starfire. He is a year yonger than his brother. He has a sad past that he never told anyone. He's not as uncaring as he may seem and he can be very stubborn. He made his brothers forget who they were so he could take Stardust's crown and Kingdom.

(Series2) Star Cluster was jealous of his brothers because of the love and attention they got from their parents when they were little. He wanted his parents to spend time together like other loving families he's seen but they were busy wrapped up in things to notice Star Cluster's needs. Watching his brothers over the years get what he always wanted made him mad and jealous but thanks to Lunarstar, he realized what had had done and that it wasn't his brother's fault.

(Series 4)He meets Amaryllis and later merries her and has a famliy which was his long life dream. He feels bad for what he had did in the past and tries his best not to remember it. He finds he had the Flaming Pearl inside his the whole time and soon become the next Guardian of the flaming pearl. After he is married he sets up a newspaper business.




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