500K - Realistic drawing:

There are no lines, just shading, coloring and as real as I can get it to look.

100K - Colored lines:

Drawn with lines that are colored slightly darker than the drawing. It's not totaly gone but still visible.

10K - Characters:

Characters will cost you money for each one that you want drawn.

1 is 10K
2 is 20K
3 is 30K

20K - Background:

You want a lovely background for your characters, it'll cost you money.



The drawings are done on the computer in photoshopCS3. The drawing size will be as big as a regular screen size, 1024x 768. It may be skinny and not wide or maybe very wide, it all depends on the drawing. If you want a bigger screen size drawing, just ask.

All my drawings in my galleries has the LunaCat logo, the drawing you will get from me will not have it.

I can draw animals, fantasy creature and humans. I do not draw adult nude stuff and tattoos for your skin.

Commission drawings are not to be sold, claim my artwork as your own, or redistribute without my permission.




Here is what I need to know when you commission me.

Name: (can be real name or user name)
Total Price: (The price your choosing for me to draw)
How many characters?
Character info: (I need to know all the detail you want me to draw)
Background info: (I need to know all the detail you want me to draw)
Additional info: (Any other details you might have forgotten to mention)
Date: month/date/year (The date you commissioned me):